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All good thanks

Christian McMonigal

I was contacted through ChopperExchange by a potential buyer from Ohio, who decided to purchase our bike.

Buffy Howle

I have had a good experience with Chopper Exchange.

Tom VandenBosch

I think you need to categorize the special edition harley davidson "CVO" or Screamin Eagle bikes in their own section or when you list the CVO bike it needs to have a home separate from other Harley listings since it is a special edition.

Duane Keegan



If was good. Had a couple of leads. Ended up selling it on a Craigslist post.

Michael McClure

Bike sold within 1 week

Darryl Sutton

I had many inquiries but nothing concrete and had it added back to the website. Got many inquiries 2nd time around and it is sold and is being picked up Friday. It was worth placing the add the 2nd time. Thank you.

James Piper

Great Selling Website

Ronnie Cheek

Had a great experience. Thank you for your help.

Corey Neal

First time, excellent results. i will be back.

Bert Nelson

Easy, fast and Save



Ray Millar

Once I was able to sort through the real potential buyers, the bike sold itself. Thanks Chopperexchange!

Bill Haynes

Very user friendly, and affordable

Peter Haffey

Pretty good coverage. Easy to use site too!

John Shea

Sry easy to use and list

Scott Selders


Will Fuller

Too many curious window shoppers looking to steal my bike

Scott Kerwath

Great! Thank You!


Took a long time to sell because of time of year.

Robert J Mendez

I appreciate the good service you gave me. Sold the 2013 to a local friend.

Corey Neal

3rd time. Excellent as always.

Mitch Schwenke

Good platform

John Shea


Donald Schubert

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